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Skiing in Europe is definitely the most iconic entertainment of the winter holidays. Skiing is indeed a distinguished and prestigious sport that is very popular among upper-class people. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists reach the snowy top of the French Alps just to experience the best European ski stations.


In Europe, you can ski in every country that has high mountains, especially those which have a portion of the Alps within their borders. We are mostly speaking about Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France. However, the French Alps are by far the best spot you could find in Europe to have an unforgettable ski experience.

法国阿尔卑斯山脉的滑雪度假村在欧洲首屈一指 French Alps’ ski resorts are the best in Europe


- 世界上10个顶级滑雪度假村中有7个位于法国阿尔卑斯山脉。

- 滑雪站位于海拔最高达4000米的位置,这为它们提供了世界上最纯净的空气。

- 雪质卓越,拥有柔软的雪晶。

- 法国拥有现代化且独特的滑雪设施,这里有世界最大的滑雪缆车,并且可以从山麓直接到达滑雪道。

- 所有雪道的总长超过8000公里,这里是世界上最大的滑雪度假区域。

- 法国度假村每年花费超过3亿欧元来维持他们的基础设施,并打造出最完美的雪道坡度。

If the European elites are going to ski in the French Alps, it is not only because it’s convenient! The French Alps actually gather quite a large number of advantages which make them the best ski location in Europe:

- 7 out of 10 of the world's top ski resorts are located in the French Alps

- The location of stations are up to 4000 meters high, which grants them the world's purest air

- The quality of snow is exceptional soft crystal

- With modern and exclusive ski facilities, France has the largest ski lift in the world, offers direct access from the foothills to the chutes.

- With over 8,000 km of ski runs in total, it is the largest ski resort area in the world

- French resorts spend more than 300 million euros a year to maintain their infrastructure and turn them into the best slopes.


PVCP group owns residences in over 90 ski resorts in the Alps. Thanks to its background, the group just launched 2 new projects in two of the most popular stations in Northern Alps: Avoriaz and Méribel. 

阿沃里亚兹,悬崖上的天堂 Avoriaz, heaven on the cliff


This station is well-known among European families for its high-quality services along with beautiful landscapes that will assure you many unforgettable memories for you and your family. To celebrate the 50th year of PVCP residence in Avoriaz, the construction of a new 4-star residence —— Arietis, has been launched. It will be completed by Christmas 2019.


It embodies the concept of “ski-in” and “ski-out”: the station is environmental friendly and car-free. Tourists move around the station by horse sledges or directly by skiing. 


Its location is perfect for skiing: around 196 slopes are available and spread over 650 km, the station is at the top of a cliff at 1800m high and is oriented to the south to ensure maximum sunshine.


There are also many activities in summer: you can ride bikes on the mountain side, swimming is available at Aquariaz. You can even play golf or tennis. 


The apartments are spacious (they have 1 or 2 bedrooms) and their interior design is inspired by the regional style: wood is predominant and colours are warm and refined, reminiscent of a French chalet.

梅瑞贝尔,三峡谷的中心区域 Méribel, at the heart of Three Valleys

三峡谷是法国阿尔卑斯山最负盛名的滑雪区之一,这要归功于其高质量的基础设施以及尊贵的皇家游客和名人。威廉王子和妻子凯特·米德尔顿去年就曾光顾此地。 沙特和摩洛哥的皇室家族也都在这里留下足迹。 凯特·莫斯(Kate Moss)和贝克汉姆(Beckham)一家也是三峡谷的常客。

Three Valleys is one of the most prestigious ski region in all French Alps thanks to its high-quality infrastructure and its distinguished royal visitors and celebrities. Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton went there last year. Royal members of the Saudi family along with Morocco family were spotted in the area. Kate Moss and the Beckham family are also regular visitors of Three Valleys.


It is one of the largest ski area in the world, with more than 321 slopes spread over 600km at 3000m high, all of which are equipped with ski lifts. This also includes one of the most beautiful stations with a small village surrounded by 6 glaciers.


Méribel is one of Three Valleys’ most famous resorts, along with Courchevel, and Val Thorens. This station embodies every aspect of French excellency. Upper class tourists who are going there will find perfect conditions for skiing as well as enjoying various entertainments the Alps have to offer: impressive landscapes, French gastronomy, and comfortable accommodations. 


PVCP is building a new 5-star residence named Méribel - l’Hévana, which will offer you the premium ski experience. This new residence occupies the last land of Méribel city center that can be allowed to build this kind of luxury resort. It is indeed a rare property.

公寓的舒适绝对让人终生难忘:宽敞的客厅,全景木制阳台,提供一室一厅至三室一厅户型。 有些房间甚至还有壁炉和私人桑拿房。

Apartments are built to be incredibly comfortable, including: spacious living room, a huge wooden balcony, and have 1 to 3 bedrooms. Some of them even include fireplaces and private saunas. 


Multiple high-end entertainments: the residence has a spa center, a swimming pool with an outdoor jacuzzi, and a piano-bar of 140m2. 

为什么这两座公寓是项绝佳的投资? Why these two residences represent a good investment


These 2 residences represent the perfect opportunity to own a high quality real estate heritage in two of the most up-scale ski destinations, also allowing you to go skiing there every year.

简而言之,阿沃里亚兹 和 梅瑞贝尔滑雪度假公寓拥有如下优势:

- 由旅游地产领军集团PVCP集团开发建造

- 位于阿沃里亚兹和梅瑞贝尔,两大法国阿尔卑斯山脉的高品质滑雪胜地

- 有竞争力的价格:阿沃里亚兹的阿利缇斯四星级滑雪度假公寓:一室一厅至两室一厅房型,售价为€262 000 - €595 000。梅瑞贝尔的雷瓦纳五星级滑雪度假公寓:一室一厅至三室一厅房型,售价为€356 000 - €1 290 000。

- 免增值税购房,10年超长可续包租合约

- 无忧管理

- 房租收入所得税减免:享受LMNP非专业带家具出租者身份

- 可自住,也可选择拥有度假权,享受PVCP集团旗下在欧洲的近200座度假村的置换权,包括在地中海海滨度假村和遍布法国阿尔卑斯山脉的其他滑雪度假村

- 享受PVCP集团旗下所有度假村的长期优惠

- 从选房到签约甚至转卖,专业中文/英语/法语投资经理全程陪伴您的投资每一步

In short, the residences of Arietis and l’Hévana:

- built by PVCP group — a world leader in tourism real estate

- located in Avoriaz and Méribel, both high quality ski destinations in the French Alps

- competitive prices: for Arietis in Avoriaz, between € 260,000 and € 595,000 for 1 to 2 bedrooms; for l’Hévana in Méribel, between € 356,000 and € 1,290,000 for 1 to 3 bedrooms.

- VAT recovery as part of an acquisition with commercial lease

- hassle-free management

- Lighter taxation thanks to the non-professional furnished rental policy in France: LMNP

- Stay in your residence or possibility to exchange in almost 200 residences in Europe within the group PVCP, including Mediterranean seaside resorts and other ski resorts all over the French Alps, etc.

- Discounts in the group residences for your holidays

- A Chinese/English/French speaking consultant dedicated to the follow-up of your project, from the reservation to the signing of the notarial act, until the resale.




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